Obtaining Fair And Just Compensation After A Personal Injury

For many, suffering an injury is a confusing experience. Most people don't expect to be injured as the result of someone else's actions or negligence. As such, when an injury does occur, it is common to be unfamiliar with how to proceed and how to seek compensation for medical bills and lost wages.

No matter how minor your injury, insurance companies will attempt to reduce and delay your payment. As an attorney who has represented both insurance companies and injured parties, I have the experience necessary to help my clients as they work toward receiving fair compensation for their injuries.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Seasoned Attorney

Most people are reluctant to pursue litigation, and would prefer to settle everything prior to arriving in court. However, that's often not the best tactic. Many times, the most effective way to recoup lost wages and medical expenses is to seek a resolution through the legal system.

With extensive experience in civil litigation, I have assisted clients who have been injured as a result of the following:

In addition, I have represented clients who have lost family members as a result of a wrongful death involving any of the above-mentioned injuries.

Mediation Experience On Your Side

Having served as a mediator, I understand the particulars of disputes, and I've helped clients come to mutually beneficial decisions, negotiating with insurance companies along the way. In my practice, I've used this experience to help clients who are seeking to be compensated fairly, without engaging in protracted legal battles.

However, having been involved in personal injury law for decades now, I know the importance of having a lawyer who is willing to go to trial. Being experienced in and willing to try cases can be incredibly advantageous to clients, as insurance companies understand the hassle and difficulty of going to court.

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