Getting Injured As A Result Of An Auto Accident

Auto accidents are unfortunately common, particularly in a state with as many cars as California. While some are minor fender-benders, a car crash can also lead to severe personal injuries and seriously damaged vehicles. As medical and auto repair bills mount and lost wages make it difficult to pay them off, you may find that your insurance company is either slow or unwilling to provide you with the fair and just compensation you may be entitled to receive.

In these scenarios, an experienced attorney can help analyze your case and determine how to proceed. In particular, a lawyer can assess the damages, both to your person and your vehicle, and help determine who is at fault for the accident, as well as how to best recover compensation.

Working Toward Compensation While You Recover

Since motor vehicle accidents can potentially cause serious injuries – including, in some cases, burns, head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and spinal cord injuries – your main focus should always be on making a physical recovery.

While you're in the process of recovering, my goal as your attorney will be to evaluate the police report, as well as any photos of the accident and injury, in order to determine how to best structure the legal case. If necessary, I retain investigators to help me better determine the nature and cause of the auto accident.

After we have determined the cause of the accident and the legal strategy, I'll work with the insurance companies and other responsible parties, pushing for maximum compensation.

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