Sustaining An Injury In A Motorcycle Or Bicycle Accident

While all auto accidents have the potential to be serious and cause serious injuries, motorcycle and bicycle accidents can be particularly severe, as riders are less protected and more exposed. While many of the considerations are similar to automobile accidents, certain things must be kept in mind after motorcycle and bicycle accidents.

In my practice, I have helped numerous motorcyclists and bicyclists across Northern California, obtaining settlements for the full insurance policy limits.

Pursuing Your Claim While You Recover

Motorcyclists know the importance of wearing protective equipment, including helmets, while riding. However, even if a rider takes all the precautionary steps, there is still large potential for an injury after a collision or accident, ranging from road rash to serious head injuries.

If you've been involved in a motorcycle accident, the first priority, as with any injury, is recovery. After making sure that the recovery is on track, contacting an experienced attorney can help you determine both the fault of the accident, as well as the potential legal options for obtaining a fair and just compensation.

As part of my practice, I work with investigators and skilled professionals to assess the scene of the accident. I evaluate police reports, photos and eyewitness accounts. Using this information, I am able to craft a legal strategy that may be able to maximize your financial compensation, covering medical expenses, lost wages and vehicle damage.

The Importance Of Quick Action

As you recover, you may prefer dealing with your insurance company directly, rather than contacting an attorney. While for many this is the more appealing option, it discounts the impact an experienced lawyer with decades of litigation experience can have on your potential compensation.

Having practiced in personal injury cases on both sides, representing insurance companies as well as injured parties, I know the course of action that many insurance companies take. As such, I know how to best structure our legal strategy, working toward obtaining you compensation, quickly and fairly.

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