Results And Testimonials

  • Auto vs. Hit-and-Run Van Collision - $1.1 Million Settlement
  • Pedestrian Injuries - $1,100,000 Settlement , $205,405 Verdict
  • Slip and Fall at Hotel - Settlement in Excess of $840,000
  • Fall From Fire Escape - $900,000 Settlement
  • Broken Leg on Trampoline - $750,000 Settlement
  • Head-on Collision - $230,000 Settlement
  • Head-on Collision with Underinsured Driver - $212,500 Settlement
  • Rear-end Collisions - Jury Verdict and Recovery of $187,419; $200,000 Settlement
  • Neglect of Elderly Patient at Rest Home - $431,250 Settlement
  • False Arrest - $200,000 Settlement
  • Elder Abuse - $309,944.98 Judgment
  • Auto-Motorcycle Accident - Policy Limits Settlement
  • Bicycle Accident - $684,000 Judgement


"Tom, thank you so much for taking my case. It was very comforting to know you had my back at every turn. I enjoyed your concise explanations when complex items hit me head on. And when you spoke metaphorically, it eluded volumes of my fearfulness.

You have an absolutely fantastic team with Natalia & Jane. It felt to me, because they were so "on it", that I was your sole client. Please express my sincerest gratitude to them both.

The mediation was an insightful & amazing experience. Life is a compromise, isn't it?


"Mr. Keating handled our personal injury case with the professionalism and care that was needed. His knowledge, experience and sensitivity in handling this elderly victim is excellent. As the guardian/POA of the insured party, I feel I made the right choice in choosing Mr. Keating. I have since sought his advice and counsel on other matters."

"I was injured in an automobile accident in 2005. I had a figure in mind that I would accept as settlement. The settlement amount that Tom negotiated on my behalf far exceeded my expectations."

I was involved in a motorcycle accident. I had minimal coverage on my motorcycle, spent five days in the hospital and with a young child and another one on the way, I needed help. Thomas Keating came highly recommended to me through his work on my coworkers case. I called him while I was still in the hospital and he was quickly able to begin work. Thomas Keating prepared me well for my first deposition and calmed my nerves as we neared the proposed court date. We settled outside of court only weeks before the court date for a figure well above what I initially expected. Thomas Keating gave me closure in a very stressful situation and I highly recommend him and his firm to anyone seeking a well experience trial lawyer.

My wife hired Tom to represent her in a personal injury case and had such a great result, there was no question as to who I was going to hire to represent me when I was hit by a drunk driver years later. It appeared at first that the defendant who hit me was not insured. However, Tom was able to find a small loophole in the insurance policy that although never proven, put pressure and doubt on the defendant's counsel which resulted in a favorable settlement to me where there likely could have been nothing. I would recommend Tom because he is very experienced and works very hard for his clients.

I was apprehensive about finding an attorney for my accident claim and friends and family had no recommendations. Since my family had used the Freitas Law Firm I decided to check Tom Keating, Jr. out. At my consultation I was impressed when Tom told me he has represented both sides in insurance claims litigation. As I had recently become self-employed my financial loss was going to be difficult to demonstrate, but Tom seemed very comfortable with representing me. He guided me through the entire process, from gathering the documentation to preparing for my deposition and subsequent mediation. Tom's attention to detail, knowledge and professionalism were key to obtaining a settlement which all sides felt was fair. Tom Keating has my highest recommendation for accident and injury cases.

Gregory F. Phipps
The Greg Phipps Company, Inc.
Santa Rosa PERSONAL INJURY, MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT 5.0 stars Posted by Charles May 24, 2013

Mr. Keating was especially patient and reassuring while preparing for deposition, and showed great sympathy for my predicament during a distressing time. He was very flexible in scheduling appointments around my work schedule. He often conferred with other attorneys and an accident re-constructionist to prepare the best possible legal strategy; I felt like I had a team on my side. I was completely pleased with the outcome of the case. Mr. Keating was instrumental in negotiating affordable medical payments. The support staff is exceptionally competent and professional. They reply to correspondence and phone calls in a timely manner. They went the extra mile in recovering correspondence that was misplaced in the mail. TOP NOTCH!